Monday, April 1, 2013

Ladybug Girl

April 1

I am a great believer in the Mental Health Day. Why not have April Fools Day be one? After three days at home on a mini vacation my first grader went to bed last night saying, "I don't want to go to school tomorrow." This from a child who loves school. She woke up saying this same words and I paused thinking of the day ahead. What difference will this make in the long run, the bigger picture and so on?

So I hugged her and told her oh so tired eyes that she could stay home with us today. She smiled and stretched and snuggled under the covers. After about twenty seconds she jumped up and started making plans for the day. My little one was thrilled.

We spent the afternoon outside at a friend's house. The day lazed along nicely. We headed home just in time the school bus on its rounds. She would just have been getting home I though, glad to have had the extra hours together. Not ready to be inside we went right out to check our potato patch. No sprouts yet. My little one grabbed the hoe and started working.

My first grader discovered  a ladybug and squealed. She managed to get her on a finger and ran to show us her prize. The little gal ran and tickled to my daughter's delight. I am so glad she loves these little insects. As a smaller child she was very afraid of any and all creepy creatures. Ladybugs and butterflies are in a different category for her now. She found a grassy spot to let the little creature go. "I hope she likes it," she said watching the ladybug scamper away.

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