Monday, April 22, 2013

Hummingbird feeder

April 21

"What does nectar taste like?" asks my first grader. We've just made up a batch and filled our first hummingbird feeders. The clear cylinders are carefully hung from metal stakes in our flower boxes with the plastic flowers pointing out hoping  to attract a passing hummingbird.

I give her a little taste from the leftover mixture and she smiles. "It's sweet!"

I tell them about when I was little and a hummingbird tried to gather nectar from the flowers printed on my mother's dress. "She sat so still that the hummingbird thought she was a flower bush. What a surprise when his little beak touched fabric instead of a flower." My girls look at me wide eyed. "Can you get a dress like that?' asks my first grader. "I want a hummingbird to come to ME!" says my little one.

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