Monday, April 29, 2013

Heart leaf

April 27

All four of us are gathered in the driveway this morning. We drink coffee, talk to the grandparents on the phone, and watch our girls chase each other.
After a time my little one gets on her almost too small toddler riding toy and asks me to push her. I pull her to the top of the gentle grade, do an astronaut countdown and then let her roll down the hill walking beside her to help with braking. As we approach the hedge I cue her to put her feet down and she slides to a stop. After a few times with my assistance she is ready to ride down this little hill by herself for the next half hour.

My first grader happily chats with her grandmother discussing our impending visit. The chickens are asked after and I can see my daughter's eyes brighten. She knows soon she will get to hold grandpa's pet chicken on her lap. He gets on the phone and reminds her that he has set aside a patch of dirt for her to work in his garden.

My little one interrupts with a major announcement, "I found heart leaves!!" She presents us each with a heart shaped leaf, laying them out carefully on the bench. From across the miles and time zones the grandparents comment enthusiastically.

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