Sunday, April 7, 2013

On the Road

April 5

We are set free on our Spring Break today. A week later than most of the world it seems but we don't mind.  We begin our trek to the beach just as rush hour is getting really going. My husband frets that we should have left earlier, but I don't mind. We are together and we are free for a week. Traffic or no traffic we are on vacation!

As dusk falls we stop for gas and dinner. The sky has been turning every shade of sherbet orange, yellow, and magenta as we drive East. We crane our heads to look out the back windows to see the unfolding sunset. Just before the sun sets the last rays of intense golden light shine from behind us directly onto the pine trees on either side of the road and it feels like we are driving the yellow brick road to Oz.

When we get out of the car the colors are starting to fade into baby blue and pinks. There is a soft spring feeling in the air mixed with a slight chill. I resist putting on a sweater and head across the parking lot in short sleeves.

Today our outside time is playing on the field at the rest stop and here outside the restaurant. Little moments to stretch and breath on our migration to the sea.

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