Monday, April 15, 2013

Green green everywhere!

April 14

As we packed up to head home my girls played on the deck looking at the shells and other treasures they discovered over the days we've been at the beach. The day is overcast which makes it easier to leave. Not that we wouldn't love to stay for another week, or forever.

We have been gone for nine days and as we turn onto our suburban street I was shocked to see a corridor of bright green. Every leaf on every tree was new and glowing! Our pear tree is covered with full lush leaves, not a single flower petal left in sight. Suddenly my house is private, the neighbors hidden behind large swatches colored with the crayons that come in the big box: hunter green, pea green, and forest green. It seems almost impossible that this transformation has taken place so quickly. The branches were bare when we left. Bare except for little leaf buds just starting to show. It makes me want to set up a camera next year and take photos every day for two weeks to capture this metamorphosis.

The green is our new normal. In the fall I had weeks to become accustomed to the new landscape. Leaves fell and slowly the branches revealed themselves. But this is on a whole other time frame.  Instantly have a new background out every window. Instantly our outdoors have been colored mint, lime, and chartreuse.

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