Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Potato patch

April 15

We looked out the kitchen window this afternoon while having our after school snack and realized there are lots of little green potato plants pushing up in our garden plot.

We rushed down for a look and sure enough our potato patch is growing heartily. My little one grabbed the hose and I turned on the water. "I'm watering. . . I'm waaatering . . .yea." she sang as she drenched the little plants.

I used to spend hours watering as a kid. My mom would point in a general direction and say "Water over there today." We had large stands of bamboo that got very thirsty as well as many potted and planted flowers that were constantly being added to our ramshackle garden scape. I loved the feeling of directing the water with my thumb. I loved seeing rainbows in the fine spray. I loved getting very wet, very slowly. So today when I saw my little one get so excited to be watering our garden my heart sang.

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