Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The sweet six weeks

April 16

Both yesterday and today we had nice long visits to the park. My little one and I took a picnic to our favorite local spot and munched as we watched the Canadian Geese and then spent a nice long time on the play equipment.

I grew up in a place where the weather is almost always perfect. So I never felt urgency to get outside on any particular day. I was outside a lot and the nice weather helped. My current climate is different. Right now we are in the "sweet six weeks" as I think of them. Six weeks with no heat and no AC. Six weeks of perfect, beautiful days. Six weeks to get outside at all costs. No jackets and no sweating. Soon enough the heat, and I mean HEAT will arrive and we will have to think about how hot the slides are before we head to the park. We will have to turn on car's AC before we load in, and it will never get below 80, even at night. But that's all coming, for now we are in the sweet spot.

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