Friday, April 12, 2013

Beach chairs

April 12

We pulled the bike cart to the beach full of everything we needed for a day of fun. I'm not sure what the best part was but probably the moment we moved our beach chairs into a circle and sat eating corn on the cob and salami sandwiches. After lunch I read aloud the last few chapters of our latest Geronimo Stilton book.

If you are not familiar with Geronimo he is a mouse who runs a newspaper and has a penchant for getting into sticky situations. The books have the wonderful feature of having several illustrated words on each page. For example the word foggy would be written in a puffy grey font. The adventures are thrilling but not too scary for a three year old and my first grader can't seem to get enough of them.

After reading we hit the slightly bigger waves and pulled the girls along the surf until everyone was ready to go back to our little camp and rest. We ended our beach day by digging an enormous hole. We took turns lowering ourselves into it to feel the sea water seeping in from down deep.

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