Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skate Party

April 3

I decided the other day that we should listen to more Disco. Yep, that's right Disco. What could lift the mood in the kitchen more than dancing along to YMCA? And better yet, we go to the YMCA often so it even kind of makes sense to the kiddo's.

I did a little music education and played Pachelbel's Canon in D as an example of Classical Music and then Take Five by Dave Brubeck to demonstrate Jazz. But the popular choice by far since that day has been Disco! We are Family by Sister Sledge, To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn are now in heavy rotation at our house.

So today when we headed outside to skate in the driveway I really really really wanted to blast the Disco for all to hear. It reminds me of the skate parties in the park I used to see as a kid. Music blaring, people sunning on the sidelines and in the middle of the impromptu rink,  a mass of skaters shimmying to their hearts content.

Next time we go out to skate the Disco is coming with us!

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