Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April 30

We are still in the sweet six weeks of perfect weather. This afternoon we head to the back yard to swing. "Spray us with the hose," suggests my first grader. She has 16 days of school left and is looking very second graderish.

I turn on the hose and begin to spray the swinging feet in front of me. My girls shriek an howl with joy. I've learned to keep the hose low and aim just for the tips of the toes. Last year there were a few accidental face sprays. No one enjoyed that.

Today the toes are pointed toward me and hastily pulled in. My little one almost does the splits trying to avoid the water. She has a look of wild glee on her face. Her hair is long and free today. She is so beautiful peeking out from her soft unruly locks.

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