Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wash Board

May 29 

I feel like I've stepped into another world when we stay at Nonno and Nonna's tidy row house in the outskirts of Florence.  Clothes are washed mostly by hand in the outdoor wash basin. There are three faucets: hot, cold and well water. Nonna says well water is better for colors because it doesn't fade the clothes. After a good scrub on the inclined stone washing board clothes are hung to dry on a line in the garden.  

My girls love to play washer woman. This morning after diligently washing a pair of socks and a washcloth they decide to make Flower Soup. Nonno takes them around the garden collecting faded blooms. They mix and stir them until it is time to pour the mixture into the little hole they have dug with Nonno's ancient hoe. 

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