Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nonno's Jungle

May 25

It is pouring when we wake up. I've set two alarms and asked Nonna to please come check that we are up by 8:30. The first day is the most important in getting over jet lag. If we sleep in today we won't be tired tonight and it will take forever to get on track. 

My second grader (to be) gets up with me and dresses in her auntie's sweater. We did not pack for wet and cold. La Zia (auntie) takes her to get shoes that will keep the water out. 

After lunch it is still raining but we can't resist. While unpacking the store of toys we only get to use once a year we find two kid sized umbrellas. Perfect. On with the new shoes and into the dripping jungle of Nonno's garden. 

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