Monday, May 27, 2013

Bardini Gardens

May 27

We stroll the gardens of the Bardini family. Once a private estate the gardens are now public. The family made its fortune dealing in Renaissance antiques during the time of Napoleon. We pass under a tunnel of wisteria and even without blossoms it is magical. An ancient stone wall is home to a species of rose from the time of Michelangelo. I have seen these roses in paintings. But to take in their perfume is something different all together. My sister in law tells me that the older the rose the stronger  the scent. 

We come around a corner and there is the famous Duomo, the domed cathedral of Florence, third largest in the world. I have never seen it this way, framed by trees, nestled into the city. Saint Mary of the Flowers is its full name. A cathedral after my own heart. 

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