Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mr. Lizard

May 15

We meet a friend at the park for hours of play and a picnic. My little one is red faced and sweaty as we head toward the car tired and happy.

As we pass a little creek near the parking lot we see this shiny beautiful guy sunning on the rocks. "Why isn't he moving Mommy?" asks my little one. "I think he's hiding. He thinks if he stays very still we won't see him." I answer. We stand watching him watch us.

A couple of big kids come tromping along and Mr. Lizard darts across the rock and into a small hole. "It's his house!" shouts my little one. "He's in his house!!" We wait for a while and he reemerges looking this way and that. He skitters up a rock and stops. "I think he likes the sun," I whisper. My little one nods seriously. "That's his house," she whispers pointing.

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