Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pick up ten

May 18

We eat outside under cloudy skies. I love sitting out munching on deliciousness just off the BBQ. After lunch my husband and little one head in for a nap. My (only for a few more days) first grader and I get out the cards. We play Go Fish, Crazy 8's, and War (which I've re-named More).

Then the teacher in me can't help it and we lay out the cards face up in three rows of three. We take turns picking up cards that equal ten. You can make ten with a two cards as shown (4 & 6), or just the 10 card. If you want to get fancy you can pick up several cards such as 6, 2, and 2. Aces equal 1 by the way. As cards are picked up then next cards underneath are revealed. The game is over when no more 10's can be picked up. We played again and again  under the open sky.

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