Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bird Seed

May 19

We are getting ready for a very exiting week. My first grader ends her school year and we head out of town. So it is time to get everything ready. Refilling the bird feeder is one important step. We've noticed that when we put the mix seed in our feeder most of it gets dumped on the deck while the birds search for the sunflower seeds. So this time, just the good stuff!

And it looks like our very crafty neighborhood squirrel has not only found a way to climb onto the feeder and swing as he chomps on our seeds, but has done some chewing on the feeder itself! We discover big teeth marks and a hole in the edge of the feeder. We have seen him some days head down apparently doing a handstand in the feeder. The top disappeared ages ago, I have a feeling we know who made off with it.

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