Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nonno, here we come!

May 22

It is packing day! Tomorrow we head out to the wild blue yonder. Well, Italy actually! "Is today the day we go to the chocolate factory," asks my little one again this morning. 

A short walk from Nonno & Nonna's house is in fact a chocolate factory. I'm sure we will be their best new clients. 

Today we are still home and Nonno's purple flowers are giving us quite a send off. We play on the deck a bit in the morning and check on the developing blueberries. Still small and green we may not be home to enjoy them before Mr. Squirrel does. We will head to the backyard when it cools off this evening. The sweet six weeks is over and we are now in air conditioning weather. Windows closed, fans on. 

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