Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cloud Lady

May 8

It was a full day and we were outside for most of it! Back to our perfect weather we decided to visit the zoo. We spent hours walking and visiting the animals. We petted goats and rode the carousel. We ate a picnic next to bamboo trees and saw a panda sleeping on a log. 

This afternoon we headed to friends and played with a tub of water, dress up and ate dinner standing up. It was a full day. Summer is right around the corner and we are ready! 

This evening my tired girls looked out the window just as the sky was turning pink and they were heading to bed. "Come Mama, come quick!" they shouted. "There is a lady in the clouds!" I rushed to the window and there she was. She had a long tipped up nose. and little mouth. She gazed to the right and her puffy hairdo swept back to the left. There she was, a lady in the clouds. We stood watching this little bit of magic. A moment together at the end of the day. A moment to take in the wonder.

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