Thursday, May 16, 2013

Biking the neighborhood

May 16

Today is the day that I finally leave the car at home and bike my way through the day. We ride to school and my first grader is thrilled to park next to the big kid bikes. My little one and I ride on to preschool. She proudly carries her helmet into class and her teacher exclaims, "Did you ride on a bike to school?" A big smile spreads across her face.

And then I ride my bike to the dentist, yep, now I'm feeling a little kooky. Just a cleaning, don't think I could ride my bike after Novocaine. I am amazed, again at how close everything is once I'm out of the car. And I'm amazed at what I thought was a slight hill! In the car everything is flattened and most of the detail is lost.

 I head back to preschool for the end of the year party and then on home. On our way we pass a little lake and see a baby gosling swimming along next to Mama. We stop for a nice long look. This is a detail we are very happy not to have missed.

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