Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playground in the sky

June 4

Monte Tamaro is our destination today. We take a violet gondola 5,000 feet up up up the side of a Swiss mountain. I expected to see Heidi running after her goats mid way up. We passed tiny cottages with shaded benches for hikers, streams bordered with lush mountain grass and wildflowers, and long stone water troughs fed by springs for the cows who graze here in the summer months. 

At the top we disembark from our "skating bubble" as my little one calls the gondola car and take in the view. Across wide expanses of valley are the peaks of the Alps. Some snow is hanging on and there is just a dusting here and there. 

A few steps down from the gondola is a playground. There is a long tube slide with plenty of clear plastic to enable a good view, a giant basket swing, and lots of structures to climb, slide and jump on. The backdrop is breathtaking. We play for hours, eat a hearty sausage lunch and float down the mountain rosy cheeked and exhausted. 

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